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The characteristics of Afyon Dinar Region is mixed Dances that both ledies and gentlemen take places and a traditional dance called zeybek takes place as well. In this region “kırık zeybek” and “kaşıklı zeybek” traditional Folk Dances are also performed. Zeybek Folk Dances are generally performed by gentlemen. Ladies generally take place in dances called “Teke Region”.

Almost all of these dances are performed with a singer in the background. Instrumental part of the dances are includes “baglama,darbuka(kind of portable drum),zilli masa, tef,davul,zurna”.


Afyon Dinar Region Local Folk Dances:

Hatçem çıkmış dam başına,
Yayla yolları,
Kadılar zeybeği,
Buhurcular ağır zeybeği,
Pençiresi yeşil perde,
Heç meze m’olur portakalin dilimi,
Efelerin uşağı.

Gentlemen’s costumes:
Men wear hat called “püsküllü fes”. Men wear blue “capken” as well. Instead of shirt, men wear a tight waist. On their hips a “kolon” belt are put. Gentlemen wear red socks and these socks are long enough to reach to knee. On their feet, they put “çarık” or “boot”.

Ladies costumes:
There are so many kind of wearings for head called “fes,tepelik,taç,tucaklı hotoz”. All of the clothes that is used for head have traditional figures. There are mainly two kinds of women costumes in this region called “Pessis” wearing and “Pesli” wearing. “Pesli” wearing known as long arm level and skirt that goes all over the legs. “Pessiz” wearing goes all over the body without leaving any open area on the body. On the body part of the costume a shirt called “Cepken” is worn. “Salvar” is popular in this region. Ladies love accessories. Earings are essential. Also special kind of shoe called “carık” is also worn on feet.