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Kılıç & Kalkan ( Sword & Shield )
Kılıc & kalkan is played generally all over Turkey and performed without and music sound. It is performed as the dancers pretend like they are in an old time war. After the years of 1923, this play is always announced with the city of Bursa. Kılıc-kalkan is like city symbol of the city of Bursa. The rhythm is gained by using swords and shields. This is a unique Folk Dance that there is no more like at anywhere on earth.

This Traditional Folk Dance is divided into parts called as “Peşrev”, “Yemin Töreni” , “Eğitim” ( training ), “Savaş” (war), “Barış” (peace). Under these main parts, there some sub-parts called “selam”,”Hellalleşme”, “Haberleşme”, “Vuruşma”, “Silahların Bırakılması” (unarming). Kılıc Kalkan is just like a part of an old war. Turkish ancestors left this special Folk Dance as an inheritence to the next generations and because of this, kılıç & kalkan has a special part in the Turkish Traditinal Folk Dances.

Traditional Kılıç & Kalkan Costumes
On head there is “keçe külah” surrounded by “Trablus scarf” and on the body part they wear a shirt that is made of a special fabric called “altıparmak”, and on this one “Cepken” is worn. Hip is surrounded by a “Lahuri Scarf” and “Acem Scarf”. These scarfs are used as belts. This belt has a case to keep a gun. “Zıpka” is worn instead of pants. On feet, men wear a pair of long socks which is long enough to reach to knee and on these socks “Yemeni” are worn as shoes. Swords and shields are carried by hands.