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Elazıg region takes place in west part of Turkey and this is one of the biggest region in Turkey. The local Folk Dances divided into three mai parts called; gentlemen performances, ladies performances and the last one called as “karsilama”. Local Dances in this region is played together by grabbing arms as a whole. Each dances are named differently. One of the most famous one is called “Çayda Çıra”. This dance is special for the night before wedding and this night is called the night of hennas as originally “Kına Gecesi”. Zurna and Davul ( Turkish drum ) accompany to this Local Folk Dances.


Elazığ Region Local Folk Dances:
Üç ayak,
Üç ayak üstü,
Çayda çıra,

Elazığ region special dance “Karşılama” Can be grouped as
Sudan geçirme,
Köylü Kızı,
Urun Kızı.

Gentlemen’s costumes:
On their feet’s,special knitted socks are put and these socks are surrounded by a pair of black shoes called “poçikli kundura”. “Salvar” is popular as well and this is surrounded by a long belt which is called “Şal Kuşak”. The waist and salvar are made of the same fabric. Inside the waist a white tipped shirt are worn.

Ladies costumes:
In this region, women wear thin socks and black shoes. On Salvar, a special costume called “Üç etek” are worn and this “Üç etek” carries traditional figures and colourful flowers on it. On the body, ladies varry a blues called “Geyme”. Hip is surrounded by traditional figured silver belt. A “Fes” is carried on the head and a big colourful clothes are covered arround it.