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The aim of the association is to help the Turkish youths in the way of being aware about their importance of their culture, tradition and make them socialized member of the public.

As preparing them as profitable member to the public Bakirkoy National Folk Dance Youth and Sport Association was founded on 25.11.1976 by the administrators of Muammer Arslan, Salih Murat Şener, Nilgün Anıt, Hüseyin Erhan Günaydın, Günsel Türker, Atilla Türt, İlhami Gültek, Filiz Kızıl and Mustafa Ersin Kurç. On the year of 2003, BAHOD became a member of T.C. Presidental Youth and Sport Association and Turkish National Folk Dance Federation.

BAHOD tries to make wide amount of people aware about Turkish National Folk Dance in an amateur manner and support this actions commercially by itself.

As having 38 year of international experience, BAHOD tries to show national tradition to the poeple all over the world by watching the way of thoughts of ATATURK (Founder of The Turkish Republic).

BAHOD demonstrates different region of Turkey, with resprect to different kind of Turkish Folk Dance. In the years of 1980, 1982 and 1986, BAHOD was chosen the best National Folk Dance Association at England Middlesbrough Folk Dance Festivals and we had three times success and opportunities to show the brilliant face of history of Turkish Folk Dance. In the year of 1991, BAHOD had a second degree at Polond Zekopane Folk Dance Festival which there was no first degree.

From the first day of our foundation, we are being watched as a pioneer of Turkish Folk Dance Association and we have educated thousands of people in this way.

BAHOD demonstrates 12 different region of Turkish Folk Dance with traditional costumes. With respect to its goal, BAHOD represents Turksih Traditional Folk Dance successfully.