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As a city of Silivri locates in Istanbul. Local folk dances carries all characteristic specialities of the region of “Trakya”. Trakya Region differs from other Anatolian regions about rhythm,sound and dance choreography. On the other hand they are quite similiar in each other, they have so many common reflection. Instruments used as drum, “dearbuka”, “zurna”, clarinet, “bağlama”, violin, “kanun”, accordion.

Dances are called as “Karşılama”, “Hora”, “Sirto”. Except “Karşılama”, dances are performed as a whole with all dancers.


Silivri Region Local Folk Dances:
Arzu ile Kamber,
Mendilli Karşılama,

Gentlemen’s costumes:
“Yemeni” are worn on the feet. On the main body a linen shirt and a local shirt, special figured waist and a woollen belt is worn arround hip. “Yağlık” are hung on the ears. “Keyfiye” is tied arround the head with “Puşi”. Handkerchief is hold in the hand as accessory and this is kept ready to shake.

Ladies costumes:
Feet carry woollen socks which is called as “Çetik” and “Yemeni”. On the main body there are “şalvar”, shirt which is made by local fabric and figured waist. An handmade oil can are hung in the front of the “Şalvar”. Earings, golden necklace are used as jewellery. Handkerchief is hold in the hand as accessory.