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‘Horon’ is the name of the passion in Trabzon. The ‘Horon’ performers obey the orders of the ‘Horoncubaşı’ who control the whole dance. The choreographical orders are named such as “yürüyürü, dik oyna, kim ula, dikkat dikkat, ha uşak ha, alaşağı, ula ula, aloğlu, kim kim kim, şaşma, horonu bozma, taktum…” Instruments used are; kemençe, davul(Turkish Drum), Zurna, Kaval.

Horon is based on fast and sharp movements and actions that describes the quick side of the human being. As ladies and gentlemen perform, the performance is supported by the local song which is ‘Türkü’. It is obvious that, people around this region spend thier most of the time by agriculture. Around the region of Karadeniz, it is really difficult to maintain on a work personally, so that everybody should help to each other just like seen in the performances. The climate is also unstable in this region so this is also obvios in the performances.


Gentlemen’s costumes:
Kabalak is worn on the head and mintan, yelek, cepken, zıbka, kemer are carried on the body. Socks and boats are accomplishes the costume. As accessories; hamayil, amulet, shackle, oil cup, cava bag, knife, gun and gun case.

Ladies costumes:
yaşmak, kukul, çömber are worn on the head and tunic, işlik, kolçaklı işlik, fistan, vest, libade, shalwar, skirt, peshtemal, belt (Lahori) are carried on the body. woolen socks, leggings and sandal are accomplishes the costume. As accessories;  gimp, beads, lira, muska-hamayıl.

Trabzon Region Local Folk Dances:
Horon Kurma,
Eşkiya Horonu,
Akçaabat – Horon. Gentlemen, Lady.
Akçaabat sıgsara – Gentlemen, Lady.
Atlama horonu – (Of) Gentlemen, Lady.
Bıçak oyunu – Gentlemen, Couple.
Çaykara Sallaması – Gentlemen, Lady, Group.
Kadırga Horonu – Gentlemen,  Together.
Karakoncolos Oyunu – Gentleman, Lady, Group.
Kız horonu – Lady..
Kozangel (Hozan Gel) – Gentlemen. Group
Körçek – Gentlemen, Lady, Couple.
Laz horonu – Gentlemen.
Maçka düz horonu, Maçka havası – Gentlemen.
Milli horon – (Sürmene) Gentlemen.
Sallama, Sallama Horonu – (Of) – Gentlemen.
Sara – (Of) Sıksaray – Gentlemen.
Sis dağı – Gentlemen.
Siya Sıya, Parmak Ucu – Gentlemen. Group.
Stasta – (Of),
Sürmene Sallaması – Gentlemen, Lady, Group.
Sürmene Karşılaması – Gentlemen, Lady.
Temirağa, – Gentlemen.
Tersayak – Gentlemen.
Tonya horonu – Gentlemen.
Trabzon sıksarası – Gentlemen.
Üçayak –Vakfıkebir Gentlemen.
Vaybeni Oyunu – Gentlemen, Lady, Group.
Yarım Kırma, Yarım Kesme – (Araklı) Gentlemen, Lady, Group.
Yisera havası – Gentlemen, Lady, Group.